About MOD Color

we are creative shop located in Los Angeles, California. For that matter, we're available wherever you need us because we can do grading remotely.

What we do?

Creative color grading, remote color grading and finish.

What is Remote Grading?

Our real time Remote Grading service, utilizing Resolve had been used by numerous clients around the world working with our passionate team, dedicated to promoting this innovative solution.

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Our Remote Grading Partners

  • Metra Films, Moscow, Russia

    Artem Vassiliev, Producer
  • Imagin, Prague, Czech Republic

    Tomas Markl, Owner
  • Stardust, Los Angeles, New york, USA

    Paul Winze, Producer
  • MediaPlus d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia

    Goran Dikic, Producer
  • Shilo TV, La Jolla, USA

    Hillary Write, Producer
  • The Neighborhood Film Company, Philadelphia, USA

    Kristofer Barton, Producer

Our Featured Videos

6920 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


310 600 2570

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